This Is A Book I am Very Happy To Share With You – For All Lovers of Dogs

I bumped into this book trailer on Facebook – everything about it is cute and hilarious; the author – Frank the French Bulldog, the book trailer itself is brilliantly executed, the essence of the book is fun and laughter and cute dogs (and maybe there is a cat or two, this is an equal opportunity book). You cant have enough smiles in your day…I watched this several times and laughed out loud each time. I must get myself a copy this book.


Dont Fart When You Snuggle



Meet Frank. His goal in life is to make humans smile. And that’s exactly what he and his wisecracking pals do in this guide to living the good life—of a dog! From the creator of the popular greeting card line From Frank™, this playful book offers advice for dogs, by dogs, that’s sure to brighten any human’s day. Photographs accompany unfiltered insights into the weird and wonderful relationship that pets share with their loved ones. Anyone who follows Frank’s advice is in for some extra belly rubs, guaranteed.


The book published by Chronicle Books is available here and is called Don’t Fart When You Snuggle – Lessons on How to Make Humans Smile – by Frank the Dog. Love it. If your day is lacking a smile click on the link here    or on the link below. You wont be sorry 🙂


For the cat lovers:







4 thoughts on “This Is A Book I am Very Happy To Share With You – For All Lovers of Dogs

    • And Frenchies are so funny Margot (daughters dog Dempsey is a Frenchie)- and yes they do “pass wind” a lot – I think it is about their snuffle breathing gulping air…and when relaxed, usually on your knee…. 🙂 They do own us don’t they?

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