Todays Challenge…

I have been attempting to make sour dough bread these past few months – part of my eating healthier/gut health plan, finally have got it right! We had lovely sour dough bread and free range eggs for breakfast this morning. This afternoon, by request, I am making Chocolate Covered Katie’sย  Choc Chickpea Blondies.

Sour dough

And the Blondies have now been made and taste tested- another success. ๐Ÿ™‚

Choc Chickpea Blondies

Recipe here:

14 thoughts on “Todays Challenge…

  1. Oh, it all sounds delicious, Carol. There is honestly nothing like fresh, homemade bread! And the blondies look wonderful, too. A feast fit for royalty

    • Thanks Margot ๐Ÿ˜Ž There is nothing
      like the smell and taste of home made bread and sour dough is certainly worth making. The Blondies were surprisingly good I would never have thought of using chickpeas this way but my girls are big fans of Chocolate Covered Katie and requested these. They are so easy to make too.

    • These are very yummy and if you check out the book or Chocolate Coated Katie’s website – you will often find recipes to make single serve biscuits etc. I am surprised out just how good these taste- no dairy no eggs, no flour and one easy step – whiz in food processor then bake.

      • Single-serve? Interesting! One of the reasons I really don’t even try to bake is because batch sizes are usually way to big for those of us who live alone. Shall take a look – thanks!

      • But be prepared – this is not your average cook book – lot of no flour, no eggs, no diary and lots of beans – but I can recommend the Blondies and will make more from this website. This cook is highly regarded.

  2. I’m working on sourdough. Did you purchase a starter or raise one from the wild? What’s in your bread, it looks great?
    I’m going to a sourdough bread class in a couple of weeks. Hope to come back with some great ideas.

    • I made my starter – or rather nature did:) In my bread – I cup starter, 4 cups flour pinch of salt and I used 1 teaspn of treacle as I cant have honey and 1+ 1/4 cup filtered water. So easy when you know how ๐Ÿ™‚ Next I want to make a seed and fruit loaf +wholemeal. If you get any great tips when on your course Bill let me know. I just bought two bread proofing baskets- they should make the job easier.

      • I think when the weather warms up here that might work – at the moment we are in the middle of winter and with a modern house with reverse cycle air-conditioning (that doesnt need to be on often) I have no where to “warm” the the little sugar helps…I imagine houses that have a heavy winter have warming closets, radiators etc that might be useful to prove bread? How/where do you prove yours Bill?

  3. Our kitchen usually is warm enough. Sometimes it takes 3 or more hours to rise each time, but as long as it doesn’t over rise it seems fine.
    Your flour would be slightly different than ours, so that can make a difference. I know that I can tell the difference between US rye flour and rye flour from Poland.

    • You sound like quite the expert Bill, how long have you been making sour dough? I know the weather/humidity affects the flour – I think when the weather warms up here – in the next month or two my bread will flourish. I am going to try – a fruit/seed/nut loaf and a wholemeal loaf next. I cant believe how hard it is to get different types of flour in our local grocery store… I want to make a spelt loaf too. Trying to get away from traditional wheat.

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