In The Mail This Week 21st August 2015

Some great reads in the mail this week – a couple of fantastic cook books  – I have started a new shopping list in preparation for some mega cooking days coming soon, an interesting book or two on Gut Health –  (which I just had to start reading straight away) , some crime fiction and a brilliant creative memoir – I Forgot to Remember and one that is nominated for a Ned Kelly award (to be read ASAP).



In the mail 21st August 2015

Two of these books have the scariest book covers I have come across recently:

Please Dont Leave Me Here


Cover Skin Deep


9 thoughts on “In The Mail This Week 21st August 2015

    • Yes I do Janine – I love the variety of books I receive – I am never bored and I have huge list of recipes I want to try out – all from just flicking through the books – imagine the list when I sit down in earnest with them:)

    • That is the plan Margot…I have made a list of recipes to make next week from Apple Blossom Pie – and just flicked through Falafel for Breakfast which is more than breakfast food – it look yum! I had better get on that exercise bike a bit more regularly Margot 🙂 What do you think to those book covers? Scary?? Especially the one with the smoke blurring the face…

  1. Great pile of new reading fodder there. I haven’t heard of any but as you know, my tastes are quite boring and I stick to the same genre again and again!

    • I like a bit of variety Deb 🙂 The cook books are amazing! I really like reviewing them and the others…I cant wait to start ( I have a few NetGalley I must read first though ) and two more reviews to write up…then I can start properly .

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