Ten Things You Didnt Know About Alexandra Sokoloff

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Alexandra Sokoloff

Today I am extremely pleased to welcome Alexandra Sokoloff to my blog – I discovered this amazing wordsmith when I read The Huntress Moon, the first book in this FBI Thriller series, you have seen my review – you know how much I love this book! ( And I cant wait to read the next two in the series  – Blood Moon and Cold Moon (I am savouring these two books like Easter candy – and keeping as special reading treats).

Welcome Alexandra.


  1.    I live in a two-author household

Not just a two-author household, but a two crime author household. I met the Scottish noir author Craig Robertson at the Left Coast Crime writing conference in Colorado Springs, and we got to talking… and a month later I was living in Scotland (from Southern California! It must be love, I’m telling you…) We’ve been together two and a half years, now, which is pretty good, considering we never had a first date. Living with another crime writer makes for some interesting, if bloody, dinner table conversation. And we love doing research trips together!

2.     We also share the house with the world’s most expensive cat.

At the same time that I met Craig, a feral cat started hanging around my parents’ house, and basically decided that I was the One. I’m a pushover for animals and I had recently lost my two beloved sister cats (22 years old). You can see where this is going, right? Yes, in true Hollywood rags-to-riches style, Clooney the homeless grifter became an international jet-setter. It cost more to move him over here than it cost to move me. But life is better with a cat.

3.    I am that thing people always say don’t exist: a Los Angeles native.

All right, so I was born in Northern California, but I lived in LA for most of my life since then, with just a few forays out. And most of my friends have, too. It’s a myth that we don’t exist; it’s just that we natives tend to know each other while transplants tend to befriend other transplants.

4.     But I really think of myself as being from Berkeley.

I went to college at the University of California, Berkeley – I never even applied anywhere else. I had always noticed that the most interesting, most empowered women I knew went to Berkeley and I wanted to be that kind of person. Berkeley is like a time warp to the political activism and cultural experimentation of the 1960’s, and it’s still the place I feel most at home. I enjoy weaving the magic of Berkeley and San Francisco into the Huntress Moon series.

5.    I wasn’t one of those people who always wanted to be a writer.

I started out in musical theater, as an actor/dancer, then director/choreographer before I moved into screenwriting, and did ten years of that before I wrote my first novel. But of course, all that theatrical and screen work was fantastic training for writing novels. It helps me do my job as an author: to put a movie into a reader’s head.

6.     I used to work in the Los Angeles County prison system.

I’ve been a full time writer basically my whole adult life, but when I was just out of college, I worked part-time in the LA prison system, teaching juveniles in the lockup camps. A lot of the social outrage that fuels my Huntress Moon series comes from those years. I was horrified to learn that while the boys were incarcerated mainly for gang activity, 80% of the girls were in jail for prostitution. That’s right – they were locking up the girls instead of the men who were trafficking and abusing them. That injustice has stayed with me and provided a lot of plot lines.

  1.  I am a licensed minister in California.

I got a minister’s license when two friends asked me to officiate at their wedding, and then other people, friends and strangers, started asking me to marry them. And all the couples I’ve married are still together!

8.    I love a good horror movie.

Notice I said good. The declining quality and escalating depravity of the horror genre is what drove me out of screenwriting into novels. But I’m a fan of the greats: The Haunting, The Silence of the Lambs, Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining… hmm, all based on great books! And I have several supernatural thrillers of my own, with my Haunted series.    I teach writing as well as doing it.

9.    I teach writing as well as doing it.

Because I worked as a screenwriter before I was a novelist, I’m often asked to teach screenwriting. I’ll only teach actual screenwriting in LA, because you really have to live in LA if you want that job. But I’m happy to teach authors how to use screen story structure and filmmaking tricks to write better novels. I teach my Screenwriting Tricks for Authors workshops internationally, and I have three writing workbooks out, including the brand new Screenwriting Tricks for Authors: STEALING HOLLYWOOD.

10.        I still love dancing more than just about anything.

Being an author is a very sedentary and isolated thing. I’m so glad to have dance to balance out all that brain work. Swing, salsa, jazz, ballet, hip hop, even a little pole – it brings me back into my body and makes me feel human again.








 “This interstate manhunt has plenty of thrills…Sokoloff keeps the drama taut and the pages flying.”–‐–‐ Kirkus Reviews

“Who you know: Agatha Christie, Gillian Flynn, Mary Higgins Clark. Who you should be reading: Alexandra Sokoloff–‐–‐     Huffington Pots Books

*****And the winner has been redrawn Janine K you are the lucky winner!****

18 thoughts on “Ten Things You Didnt Know About Alexandra Sokoloff

  1. Alex’s blog was a wonderful place for me as an aspiring author when I started about 5 years ago. She is incredibly generous with what she shares on her blog and in her screenwriting tips books. Having now read Huntress Moon thanks to your review – I agree with you about the book, Carol!

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