Post Script: Memories of An Australian Country Kitchen – Apple Blossom Pie – Kate McGhie

Apple Blossom Pie cover

Memories of an Australian Country Kitchen – Apple Blossom Pie

Kate McGhie

Allen & Unwin

Murdoch Books

ISBN: 9781743361931



Kate McGhie is a farmer’s daughter, born into seven generations of a family who worked and respected the land. Their farm in rural Victoria produced everything they ate. There were dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats; the vegetable garden was huge; and the potato patch filled two acres with five different varieties. The orchard was shared: the lower third for possums, the top third for birds and the middle section for Kate’s family – everyone was happy.


In this book – with over 120 recipes and stories from her family’s farm – Kate McGhie writes with wit and warmth as she explores the foundations and flavours of Australian country cooking, drawing on tradition to present classic, tried and true dishes as well as contemporary interpretations for today’s table.


Chapters include salads; soups and starters; vegetables; meat, poultry and fish; fruit; baking; preserving; and cooking for Christmas.



My View:

This cook book bursts with flavours and recipes that compliment seasonal produce, the abundance of backyard veggie patch (or the local green grocers), with practical easy to follow recipes, quality images and tips and tricks to make your culinary efforts easier. Kate McGhie shares reminiscences of growing up on the farm, watching her mother and grandmother cook, absorbing their love of the land, the farm and cooking.


The rest of the world has caught Kate’s enthusiasm for all things fresh, for using seasonal produce, for preserving and making the most of the staples grown on our door step; meat that is grass fed, organic, fruit and vegetables from the home or community gardens or farmers markets; food with a low food kilometres. As Kate shares (p.5) “Chefs create a menu and then find the food. Mum grew the food and created dishes to fit,” a great attitude that many foodies are now returning to.


This book is not only the perfect “go to, home cooking book”, with recipes suitable for the everyday, the special occasion, with cakes and biscuits to stock the pantry and provide beautiful no fail results for the ubiquitous cake stall or afternoon tea but also provides a unique glimpse of country Australia through the sharing of memories from around Kate’s family kitchen.


A great cook book to have on you shelf or coffee table.




4 thoughts on “Post Script: Memories of An Australian Country Kitchen – Apple Blossom Pie – Kate McGhie

  1. Just the title of this is appealing, Carol. And the idea of locally grown food is just as appealing. I’m always a fan, too, of cookbook authors who understand that not everyone has a full array of chef’s implements or a chef’s experience and skill.

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