Post Script – Adam Liaw’s Asian Cookery School – Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw's Asian Cookery School

Adam Liaw’s Asian Cookery School

Adam Liaw

Hachette Australia

ISBN: 9780733634307



ADAM LIAW’S ASIAN COOKERY SCHOOL is your guide to simple and traditional Asian home cooking. More than just a recipe book, it will teach you about the ingredients and techniques of the Asian kitchen for a complete understanding of how you can create authentic Asian flavours.


Each chapter in this beautifully designed and exquisitely photographed cookbook is a lesson that will improve your cooking, with practical recipes designed to try out your new skills. Adam explains the heart and soul of Asian cuisines through hundreds of tips and insights and the kind of small wisdoms passed down from generation to generation that you would never find in a recipe alone. With his help, it won’t take long for homemade Dumplings, Pad Thai, Crispy Skin Chicken, Lemongrass Beef and Green Tea Ice Cream to become your new everyday family favourites.


If you love Asian food, this is the cookbook you need in your home kitchen.



My View:

Adam Liaw is a Masterchef Australia winner, author and a former lawyer and television presenter. He has written several very well received cook books including Two Asian Kitchens, Asian After Work and Adam’s Big Pot, I do not doubt that this current book Adam Liaw’s Asian Cookery School will also be a big success.


Elements that get my tick of approval is this fabulous book;

√ Great photos

√ Easy to make, graded step by step cooking lessons

√ A guide to sauces/flavours/rice and noodles

√ An equipment guide for the Asian kitchen

√ Fresh, tasty, quick and easy to make recipes –  there is something for everyone’s taste here.

√ The book includes everyone’s favourite Asian dish Pad Thai! (And my new favourite Spinach in Sesame Dressing)

8 thoughts on “Post Script – Adam Liaw’s Asian Cookery School – Adam Liaw

  1. Wow, Carol! You’ve found such terrific cooking guides and recipes in the last few months! You could open a restaurant if you wanted! And I have to say, I do love good Asian food…

    • hehe I don’t know about a restaurant Margot 🙂 But we are eating particularly well these days – with so much variety. If you love good easy to make Asian food this one is for you – I made Beef and Basil the other night – so easy and took about 15mins all up – sorry we ate before I thought to photograph:) But I do have a few recipes from this book to share with you in the upcoming weeks.

  2. Love Asian food, esp Pad Thai. But I find that for the authentic taste I have to seek out numerous items that I don’t normally have in my kitchen. It gets expensive when you only use them a few times before their “best before” date. Easier to get take out……heh heh

  3. I have his Asian at Home book Carol and did a great stir fry out of this, unfortunately I have a husband who doesn’t like a lot of things so I have to rely on being able to have something different when he is out. Men 😁😁😁

    • Hmmm….this is a great book Janine – starts off with the basics- so maybe there is something he might like? I haven’t looked at his others books but this one is becoming a favourite already. I will post a couple of recipes from the book on the weekend. “Popcorn Chicken” is one I want to try soon.

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