Post Script: Gun Control – Peter Corris

A gritty, tough no nonsense crime thriller – a great read!

Cover Gun Control

Peter Corris

Gun Control

Cliff Hardy #40

Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781760112066

rrp A$29.99



Is Sydney gun city? It certainly seems so when Cliff Hardy is hired by entrepreneur and one-time pistol-shooting champion Timothy Greenhall to investigate the violent death of his troubled son. Soon Hardy is pitched into a world of crooked cops – former members of the Gun Control Unit – outlaw bikies and honest police trying to quietly clean the stables.


Two more murders raise the stakes and relationships are stretched to breaking point. Hardy hooks up with a determined policewoman and forms an unlikely alliance with a charismatic bikie chief.


Uncovering the tangled conspiracy behind the murders takes Hardy to the Blue Mountains and Camden, to plush legal chambers and a confrontation in an inner-west park – all against the roar of 750cc engines.


My View:

A gritty, tough no nonsense crime thriller – a great read!


I have only read a couple of books from this series but I want to read them all! Can you imagine the delight of discovering an author you love who has published forty book in a series and you haven’t read more than one or two of them – forty books you will be able to consume one after the other? Fantastic! I cannot imagine I more enjoyable way to spend some time.


Back to this book – contemporary issues, a straight talking PI and a secondary character (Paul) who is intriguing and whom I think we will see more of in future books – I hope. A great read. Start a new good habit today – pick up a book in the Cliff Hardy series. Enjoy.




6 thoughts on “Post Script: Gun Control – Peter Corris

  1. I really do like the Cliff Hardy series, too, Carol. Haven’t read all of them, myself – not nearly. But he’s a great character, I think. And I give Corris so much credit for keeping the series consistently good for so long.

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