Post Script: Falafel For Breakfast – Michael Rantissi & Kristy Frawley

A stunning reference or coffee table book.

Falafel for Breakfast cover

Falafel For Breakfast

Modern Middle Eastern Recipes For Any Time Of The Day From The Kepos Street Kitchen

Michael Rantissi & Kristy Frawley

Murdoch Books

Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781743364444



130 accessible recipes that opens up a world of Middle Eastern flavours and ingredients for the contemporary home cook.


Israeli-born chef Michael Rantissi and his partner and ‘balaboosta’ Aussie girl Kristy Frawley drill down to what we all love about the ingredients and flavours of the Middle East – grains and greens, generosity, pungency, sweetness, sharing. This is food that brings everyone to the table, and won’t let them leave.


Michael puts ingredients first and foremost, opening the door to our greater understanding and appreciation of the Middle East’s hidden treasures — tahini, baharat, halva, chickpeas, labneh, eggplant, honey, pomegranate, amba, dates, broad beans, pistachios, wild greens, ancient grains. The recipes go from basics like hummus, aioli and falafel, to Persian eggplant risotto, Cauliflower, cranberry and pearl barley salad; and Harissa-braised lamb with okra. To finish are the pastries, breads and syrup-laden cakes that turn a meal into a feast – Chocolate and pistachio baklava, Date and dukkah brownies, Persian pavlova.


Living in multicultural Sydney, he says, has helped him lighten and brighten traditional recipes, without ever losing sight of their origins and traditions. ‘If my mother knew I was serving falafel for breakfast – and people were loving it – she would be amazed’.


A much-lauded home cook, Kristy adds those all-important pastries, breads and syrup-laden cakes that turn a meal into a feast, any time of the day or night.


My View:

This is an excellent recipe book full of a delicious range of recipes, some basic, easy to make like hummus- so great with fresh breads, or crudités, pitta bread, roti, falafel, slow roasted lamb shoulder…and for the more adventurous there are colourful and inspiring recipes like cauliflower and cranberry salad, grilled sardines with harissa, chocolate halva brownies, lemon and orange blossom slice, pomegranate mojito, rose petal tea…I am salivating just looking at the images of these inspiring recipes.


What makes this book stand out aside from the mouth-watering images of the foods, is the attention given to understanding of the ingredients, there are sections on kitchen fundamentals; learn about the many spices, condiments, breads, grains and pluses, learn how to cook couscous, polenta, rice and there is even a section on how to sterilise jars and bottles for storing your jams (chilli), Tomato and Baharat, chutneys and mayonnaise etc. (recipes supplied in another section of the book). There are recipes for banquets, breakfasts, light lunches, dinners, breads and desserts; everything you could possible need for a feast!


Best of all there is a recipe for Breakfast Couscous Trifle ( which I can’t wait to try) and my all-time favourite breakfast , lunch or anytime meal – Shakshuka – when my tomatoes are ready to be picked this is the first thing I am making.



5 thoughts on “Post Script: Falafel For Breakfast – Michael Rantissi & Kristy Frawley

  1. What a rich resource this must be, Carol! And it’s so nice that there’s both a set of good recipes and some background information on the ingredients and so on. It sounds like a valuable addition to a kitchen library, that’s for sure!

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