Post Script: Bitter Fruits – Alice Clark-Platts

Cover - Bitter Fruits

Bitter Fruits

Alice Clark-Platts


Michael Joseph

ISBN: 978071818152




Detective Inspector Erica Martin’s first case in the university city of Durham is Emily Brabents, a first-year student, who is found dead in the river.


DI Martin visits Joyce College, a cradle for the country’s future elite, and finds a close-knit community full of secrets, jealousy and obsession.


Her search reveals a vicious online trolling culture but could Emily, from the privileged and popular crowd, have been a victim? Should the sudden confession to the murder by the student president be believed?


And just who is the mysterious Daniel Shepherd whose name keeps appearing in the investigation…?



My View:

A brilliant debut novel considered and intelligent this book discusses the murder of a young woman and explores the psychology of those involved and follows the trail that lead to her death. Tightly woven into the fabric of this multi faced narrative are the some very relevant contemporary social issues; identity, feminism, online bullying, abuse of trust and power and sexism.


This narrative steers a clear path to discovery; this is not a book that is character lead, although there are several interesting characters here and I hope to see more of DI Martin in the future; this is an expose of evilness, obsession, narcissism and control and demonstrates just how easily the inexperienced can be manipulated- in persona and online. The influence of social media on the “look at me” generation is revealing and disturbing.


The dual narration works particularly well and slowly you are drawn into the campus social world and the lives of the main characters. As your involvement deepens the pace picks up and a psychological war zone is entered – a battle between good and evil – between DI Martina and the villain of the peace.


The twist in the conclusion, when revealed, is totally unexpected and pacts an enormous punch! A great read.

5 thoughts on “Post Script: Bitter Fruits – Alice Clark-Platts

  1. I’m already drawn to the academic sort of setting for this one, Carol. There’s so much that goes on in the uni context, and it all makes, I think, for a fascinating backdrop. This one sounds like a solid story, too. Glad you enjoyed it.

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