Meatless Monday – Falafel

Falafel for Breakfast cover

At the moment we have a crop of broad beans in our garden ready to pick and I have been looking for  recipes to take advantage of this bounty –  last week we had broad bean mash – which was divine! ( it surprised me  just how good this was). Tonight I thought I would give  a recipe from  Falafel For Breakfast a try – this  is the first time I have encountered falafel made with chick peas and broad beans.  The recipe uses dried broad beans but as I have plenty of fresh I blanched the bean, removed the tough outer skin and used the tender fresh bean instead – this falafel must be the best I have ever made and much much better than any I have ever bought.  Simple ingredients- chickpeas – soaked and rinsed, broad beans, coriander, cumin, garlic, chilli, sesame seeds and baking powder.

I fried the falafel in rice bran oil. I  then made  a”wrap” with mountain bread, tomato, lettuce and avocado spread  (mashed ripe avocado, black pepper, lime oil) and then added the falafels – perfect! Easy. Tasty.



Leftovers for tomorrows lunch 🙂


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