Post Script: Shakespeare, Not Stirred – Caroline Bicks & Michelle Ephraim

Cover Shakespeare Not Stirred

Shakespeare, Not Stirred

Cocktails for Your Everyday Dramas

Caroline Bicks & Michelle Ephraim


ISBN: 9781925106909



Let the Bard into your lounge and have him whip up some sharp cocktails and soothing snacks for the comedy or tragedy in your life. From ‘Get Thee to a Winery: girls’ night out’ to ‘Exit, Pursued by a Beer: drowning your sorrows’, this stage-sensitive, merrily blended book brings a Shakespearean swirl to life’s everyday highs and lows. Readers who downed Tequila Mockingbird and felt the force of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars will thrill to its intoxicating mix of literary nerdery and cheeky wordplay.


Caroline Bicks and Michelle Ephraim are eminent English professors and eminent merry punsters. While poking a little fond fun at the man who gave them their careers, they dish up a delightful high-low mash of food, drink, and drama. Shakespeare, Not Stirred pops all the corks. Remember, with Falstaff: ‘thin drink doth so over-cool their blood…’



My View:

Entertaining, clever, witty…and delicious.


This book will entertain and amuse you – what fun these two scholars have had playing with the Bard’s famous words and introducing a cheeky gourmet/liquid refreshment perspective to this mix of classic literature. I can assure you once you have heard/read the chapter titles here they will be forever imprinted on your brain! Who can forget these words: chapter 2 “Now is the Whiskey of Our Discontent – Drinks for the Domestically Distressed,” with great recipes such as Kate’s Shrew Driver, Volumnia’s Bruise-Chetta, Cleopatra’s Flings In A Basket…or such greats as chapter Five “Shall I Campari to a Summer’s Day” – with recipes such a as Much a Ado about Frothing, Helena’s Raspberry Lime Mickey, A Midsummer’s Night Bean Dip …I can feel those smiles appearing on your faces already J How many phrases do you recognise?


Great writing, some excellent illustrations, wonderful word games, witty remarks and fabulous food and drink. Fun, entertaining… delicious.

7 thoughts on “Post Script: Shakespeare, Not Stirred – Caroline Bicks & Michelle Ephraim

  1. What a gem this must be, Carol! Word play, food and drink, and witticisms too – fabulous! Sounds like meals and drinks as you like it, with enough fun for a real midsummer night’s dream…

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