Post Script: The November Criminals – Sam Munson

November Criminals

The November Criminals

Sam Munson

Hachette Australia




A darkly funny, pot-infused novel of teenage maladjustment in the tradition of Beautiful Children from a compelling new voice in American fiction.


For a high school senior, Addison Schacht has a lot of preoccupations. Like getting into college. Selling drugs to his classmates. His complicated relationship with his best friend (NOT his girlfriend) Digger. And he’s just added another to the list: the murder of his classmate Kevin Broadus, and his own absurd, obsessive plan to investigate the death. When presented with an essay question on his application to the University of Chicago—What are your best and worst qualities?—Addison finds himself provoked into giving his final, unapologetic say about all of the above and more.


Addison Schacht finds good company among American literature’s cadre of unsettled, restless youth, from Huck Finn to Holden Caulfield. The November Criminals takes on the terrain of the classic adolescent truth-telling novel and—with nerve and erudition—carves out its own unique territory.


My View:

I usually try to be fair to a book and read what I have started and find something positive in the narrative recognising that not every book will satisfy my tastes, but may “work” for someone else; I should have stopped at the description where it mentioned “pot infused” this element of the writing was severely underrepresented in the blurb. This book rambles, is pretentious and has no redeeming features – I am amazed that this book was published let alone now being made into a feature film. Definitely not for me…


5 thoughts on “Post Script: The November Criminals – Sam Munson

  1. Pot obsessive culture, POC. Their paths often cross law enforcement so I ran into them throughout my career but all you have to do is look around. Here in the U.S., pot has become legal to use publicly in several states but is used privately by an increasing number of folks and is becoming less hidden from view. My advice is to invest your disposable income in companies making comfortable furniture. POC’s need their couch time.

  2. Sorry to hear this was such a disappointment for you, Carol. Can’t say as it really appeals to me at all, so I can see what you mean in your review. Nope – no threat to my TBR…

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