Post Script: The Simple Secrets To Cooking Everything Better – Matt Preston

An excellent resource – fun, informative and some great recipes.

Cover The Simple Secrets To Cooking Everything

The Simple Secrets to Cooking Everything

Matt Preston

Pan Macmillan


ISBN: 9781743533277



Every great home cook needs a go-to list of delicious, fail-safe recipes, from the perfect crispy Hasselback potatoes to the ultimate roast pork with crackling and the foolproof cheesecake that will have people requesting the recipe every time. Nobody is better qualified than Matt Preston to bring you this kind of knowledge, to share with you the secrets to cooking everything better.



Matt reveals here for the first time the secrets and tips he has picked up over his many years food writing, TV presenting and working alongside some of the greatest cooks of our time – be they CWA matriarchs or Marco Pierre White. These are the building blocks for better cooking and they’ve never been easier to master.




My View:

An excellent resource – fun, informative and some great recipes.


These tips and hints I found particularly useful or relevant to my time in the kitchen:


*Perfect Vegetables – Steam is the enemy of golden crispness – which is why you should use a roasting pan with low sides is important, high sides traps the steam. (p.106)



*Perfect Pasta – simply don’t overcook. And the hint that surprised me the most– why didn’t I learn this in Home Economics? Never rinse the cooked pasta. A splash of the starchy cooking water will do the same job to lubricate it if the pasta is properly al dente. (p.123)



*The Perfect Chicken – Best flavours to go with chicken: cinnamon, saffron, star anise, cloves, chipotle, paprika and tarragon, thyme, oregano, parsley, bay leaf, sage and coriander. (p.153)



*Perfect Roast Pork – If (despite reading Matts’ hints on this subject) you have somehow failed at getting your crackling to crackle –blame the pork or your oven and then after the pork has finished cooking peel of the crackling and place it under the grill, skin side up to crisp. (p.171)



*Perfect Curry – Always cook curries long and slow at low temperatures for better texture and flavour. (p.206)



*Perfect Baking – this is one of the best hints and I don’t know why more recipe books don’t follow this advice – measure by weight not volume i.e. by weight not by cup or parts of. There can be so much variation depending on how “packed” the cup is, or is using US or Australian cup measurements etc. measuring by weight is far more accurate. And I must add this piece of enlightenment – Give cakes space – allow room for things to rise, so only fill tins half to two thirds of the way up. (p.224)



***And the hint we should all observe this party/BBQ season – DON’T REUSE THE MEAT PLATE (p.195)


4 thoughts on “Post Script: The Simple Secrets To Cooking Everything Better – Matt Preston

  1. Those are great pieces of advice, Carol. And just from that, I get the sense that this is a readable and easily-understandable book – all the better as far as I’m concerned. I really like it that so many of today’s recipe books are accessible for ‘the rest of us.’

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