Post Script – Cats Detachable Postcards to Colour In – Mesdemoiselles

This one is for you FF 🙂

Cover Cats

Cats Postcards: Detachable Postcards to Colour In


Hachette Australia

Octopus Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780600633082




Enjoy colouring in these 20 intricate postcards, or send them to budding artists, anyone who is passionate about colouring in or who simply loves cats.

There’s a whole world to create here. After a few moments of colouring in you’ll forget the stresses of everyday life.



My View:

Great images to colour and you can detach and post them – a fantastic gift idea for a child or the child in you. What more can I add – the description aptly says it all. Creative, stress relieving fun!



4 thoughts on “Post Script – Cats Detachable Postcards to Colour In – Mesdemoiselles

  1. These colouring in books for adults are all the rage nowadays. My sister got some last Christmas and at the time I thought they were a bit odd but since then I’ve seen them everywhere. I still think I prefer my books with words in though 🙂

    • I think these will be great for adults and children for the post Christmas day entertainment – something to calm and soothe …and all can do. I am thinking of popping a packet of pencils on the table with a few different colouring in books and leaving everyone to it. I have books with words to give as well Rebecca.

  2. Oh, do NOT tempt me! I know me – I’d end up with 2,000 sets of pencils in assorted tins, special storage to keep everything in, five hundred half-finished projects… and then my butterfly mind would get distracted by some new shiny hobby! 😉

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