Post Script: The Girls She Left Behind – Sarah Graves

The Girls She Left Behind

The Girls She Left Behind

A Lizzie Snow Novel

Sarah Graves

Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine


ISBN: 9780553390438



Sure to thrill readers of Jenny Milchman, Linda Castillo, and Lisa Gardner, The Girls She Left Behind marks the return of ex–Boston homicide detective Lizzie Snow, the new sheriff’s deputy in Maine’s Great North Woods.


For Lizzie Snow, the ice and snow of her first punishing North Woods winter are dreadful enough. But near the small town of Bearkill a stubborn forest fire now rages out of control, and as embers swirl dangerously in the smoke-filled air, a teenage girl with a history of running away has dropped out of sight again. The locals and the law both think Tara Wylie is up to her old tricks—until her mother receives a terrifying text message.


Equally disturbing: Henry Gemerle—a kidnapper and rapist who once held three girls prisoner for fifteen years—has escaped, and may be lurking in Bearkill. As the fire closes in, Lizzie teams up with her boss Sheriff Cody Chevrier and state cop Dylan Hudson to search for the missing girl and the wily fugitive. But they’re blocked by Tara’s mother, a frustrating teller of needless lies and keeper of dark, incomprehensible secrets.


Following a trail of grisly clues—a bloodstained motel room, a makeshift coffin in a shallow grave—Lizzie is drawn ever closer to the flames in her race to save an innocent and corner a monster. Someone else also wants to find Tara Wylie and Henry Gemerle, though, for reasons that have nothing to do with mercy or justice. And when they all meet, the inferno threatening Bearkill will pale in comparison to the hell that’s about to break loose.


My View:

We are all guilty of thinking; “This will never happen to me”, “Yes I’ll be careful,” “We are going together mum, we will stick together”, “We will be fine.” And it is all fine….until one time it isn’t! Compelling reading that is full of tension, plot twists and turns and behaviours/scenarios we know have actually happened, can happen again.


This is part two of the Lizzie Snow series yet can easily be read as a standalone. Coming to a movie theatre near you soon – I bet!






2 thoughts on “Post Script: The Girls She Left Behind – Sarah Graves

  1. Oh, this does sound like one of those things that could never happen. But they do. I think that can make that sort of story all the more harrowing. Thanks for sharing.

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