Post Script: Broken Threads – Maggie Christensen

 Broken Threads

Broken Threads

Maggie Christensen

Cala Publishing




Jan Turnbull’s life takes a sharp turn towards chaos the instant her eldest son, Simon takes a tumble in the surf and loses his life.


Blame competes with grief and Jan’s husband turns against her. She finds herself ousted from the family home and separated from their remaining son, Andy.


As Jan tries to cope with her grief and prepares to build a new life, it soon becomes known that Simon has left behind a bombshell, and her younger son seeks ways of compensating for his loss, leading to further issues for her to deal with.


Can Jan hold it all together and save her marriage and her family?





My View:

A great family drama full of situations no parent would ever want to be in. Guilt, blame, denial, grief; all emotions are explored and laid bare, I don’t doubt that some will require a box of tissues to the ready.


All the characters are well developed – except maybe the husband Graham. Mostly I found him cold, unsupportive, self-centred and old fashioned in his thinking and behaviour. I didn’t like him at all and was therefore disappointed with the rather neatly sewn up ending; writing that inspires a reader to form such strong opinions of a character is pretty impressive!


6 thoughts on “Post Script: Broken Threads – Maggie Christensen

  1. I’ve read books like that, too, Carol, where there was a character I absolutely disliked. As you say, it says something for the writer when the reader feels that strongly about a character. And it certainly sounds like a tissue-box kind of novel.

  2. I’ve got one of her other books on my kindle The Sand Dollar, haven’t got to it yet. I like that her characters are mature, something we can relate to!

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