8 thoughts on “Storm Alert for Cowaramup and Surrounds

    • No damage yet Margot it has gone very quiet maybe the storm has passed. The flowers are looking great after the hot spell and now this refreshing rain, they may not look so good tomorrow if the rain continues though. Natures cycles🙂

  1. Lovely property. Storms are amazing to watch from a distance but not so nice when they damage trees, property & knock out power. In the summer we have tons of frogs – they love our pool – it’s always a challenge 😊

    • Thank you Anne we like this spot – we built this house and have lived here about 6 years- which is close to a record for us 🙂 The storm delivered some much needed rain, the earth was so thirsty it soaked it up pretty quickly. The frogs…are attracted to the light – which I just realised, we have large windows in our “family” room where I do most of my reading at night – the frogs are drawn to the windows…Bob the Dog goes nuts! He wants them. Next time it rains I might need to move to another room.

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