Post Script – Grand Slam – Kathryn Ledson

Grand Slam

Grand Slam

Erica Jewell #3

Kathryn Ledson

Penguin Books

Michael Joseph

ISBN: 9780143799757



Erica Jewell can’t worry about hunky hired gun, Jack Jones, and his commitment-phobic ways right now. She’s flat out managing Dega Oil’s sponsorship of the Australian Open tennis tournament, and doing a pretty good job. That is until a devastating oil-rig explosion sends Dega’s reputation and share price plummeting.


Public outrage over the incident upsets Emilio Méndez – the Open’s biggest draw card – and he wants to cut all ties with Dega. When Erica is sent to calm him, superstitious Emilio becomes convinced he needs her by his side to win. He demands she stay close, and the media annoyingly misinterprets their relationship, much to Jack’s irritation. Meanwhile danger lurks, threatening Emilio and Erica, and she must race against time to discover: Who’s trying to kill them and why?


From the elite inner sanctum of the Australian Open to the packed halls of Chadstone Shopping Centre, can Australia’s favourite accidental heroine save her job, Emilio, and her so-called relationship with Jack Jones?



My View:

Loved every funny, over the top crazy piece of action in this book – another great Erica (aka Emily) Jewell adventure 🙂

PS I loved Emilio – I had pictures in my head of a certain tennis player – *sighs* Fans face :):) 🙂


Well I think those few words pretty accurately sums up my reaction to this book – I loved it, it was so much fun to read and I often found myself laughing out loud. This is another great Australian narrative – full of familiar landmarks, Aussie idioms, self-depreciating humour, with a feisty female protagonist who is fearless, sassy, smart and adventurous ( and who loves cats) and a tennis player who is again a little over the top but is just so prefect this way – dashing, handsome, self-centred, did I mention gorgeous, handsome , dashing?? And then we have Jack Jones – super hero extraordinaire. This book is delight to read and it feels like Kathryn Ledson loves writing this series just as much as I love reading it, I know you will love this book too.


**Can be read as a standalone.




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