In The Mail This Week Ending 31st January 2016

Some exiting books came in the mail recently – I thought I had cleverly read all my January published books – but then the post box delivered 7 in one day (and I have 12 ebooks to read as well but as on ereader we wont count them) – thankfully some of these are not released until March (I can put them to the bottom of the pile for a while) and a few (cook books ) I have already started reading and trying out.  And Saturday night I read A Murder Without Motive – a very engaging quick read. But now I have started a Must Write Review Up Soon pile…about 8 on that list including the magnificent  Coffin Road by Pewter May which I finished early this morning.


Books 31-01-016

Did you notice the book disguised as  brick here? Six Four is 635 pages but thankfully is not released until March.

Do any of these appeal to you ?



16 thoughts on “In The Mail This Week Ending 31st January 2016

  1. What a lovely lot of books you have! And such a great variety, too, Carol. I’ll be interested to know what you think of them as you get to them.

  2. What appeals to me would be the time to read them. My reading time has vaporized. The everyday hustle and the mountain of research, writing, editing and sleep have muscled their way into the mix. I think I’ll “schedule” a week to do nothing but warm a comfortable spot and open a few of the books in my stack.

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