Post Script: Beside Myself – Ann Morgan

Beside Myself

Beside Myself

Ann Morgan

Bloomsbury Publishing Australia


ISBN: 9781408870303



Beside Myself is a literary thriller about identical twins, Ellie and Helen, who swap places aged six. At first it is just a game, but then Ellie refuses to swap back. Forced into her new identity, Helen develops a host of behavioural problems, delinquency and chronic instability. With their lives diverging sharply, one twin headed for stardom and the other locked in a spiral of addiction and mental illness, how will the deception ever be uncovered? Exploring questions of identity, selfhood, and how other people’s expectations affect human behaviour, this novel is as gripping as it is psychologically complex.



My View:

Powerful! Intense! Confronting! This book has it all.


This book was a very difficult read- I read the first fifty pages or so and was in a dilemma – to continue or not? I found these first pages strangely horrific – the voice of the little girl, Helen, who constantly seeks to “teach her a lesson” (her being her twin sister Ellie), Helen’s voice is so nasty and malevolent I considered not reading any further. (And then there was the underlying hint of potential sexual abuse from a friend’s older brother, another sinister voice/character). I really was in two minds as to carry on or not.


Curiosity and a few days break from the book and I started reading again with an intensity that had me picking up this book every opportunity I could make. What a powerhouse of emotions and psychological twists this was! A brilliant study of identity, influences, how expectations effect children’s (and adults I presume too) personality, mental health, achievements and general wellbeing.


Mental health issues, suicide, self-harm, suicide are themes that are laid bare for all to consider. And the big one – the damage that is done when we do not believe a child – when they share they are being bullied or abused – in all forms of abuse. The most damage we can do is not believe or take seriously.


WOW! Just WOW! I am exhausted! This book is complex and intense and illuminating and surprisingly optimistic. I am so pleased I decided to continue on reading this book. Everyone should read this book – the world might be a better place if it pricks our conscience and makes us look at the person next to us with a little more compassion.


A fantastic debut novel!



7 thoughts on “Post Script: Beside Myself – Ann Morgan

  1. It certainly sounds intense, Carol! I think I would probably have had to take a break, too, given some of the themes. I have heard some great things about this, so it’s good to hear that you’re glad you read it. As for me, I think I’ll have to hold it for a time when I can read a book that gets that intense.

  2. I adored this book too Carol, although I’d have thought with all the crime fiction you read, the first part wouldn’t have been too hard to get through. I was enthralled and appalled at the same time at the behaviour of the twins, and the end was amazing.

    Such a simple statement from a family member left me reeling. Highly recommended!

    • Tracey – those early pages – the voice of the little girl – so punishing…and then the atmosphere – heavy with threats – the mother a disaster…I wasnt sure about reading this …a more “personal” type of foreboding…as you so perfectly surmised – “enthralling and appalling”behaviours but that only speaks to the skill of the author in creating characters and a narrative that achieves such a highly emotional reaction to the written word.

  3. It’s good isn’t it? Helen’s so unlikeable in the beginning you’re initially happy she’s being taught a lesson, and then…. I think in my review I mentioned I ended up frustrated at the lack of fairness or justice though…

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