Post Script – The Microbiome Solution a radical new way to heal your body from the inside out – Robynne Chutkan MD

The Microbiome Solution

The Microbiome Solution: a radical new way to heal your body from the inside out

Robynne Chutkan


ISBN: 9781925321012



The author of Gutbliss and one of today’s preeminent gastroenterologists distils the latest research on the microbiome into a practical program for boosting overall health.



The microbiome — the collective name for the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut — is today’s hottest medical topic. Synthesising the latest findings, Dr Robynne Chutkan explains how the standard Western diet and lifestyle are starving our microbiome, depleting the ‘good bugs’ that keep us healthy, and encouraging overgrowth of exactly the wrong type of bacteria. The resulting imbalance makes us more prone to disease and obesity, and negatively affects our cravings, our immunity, and even our genes. But beyond the science, what sets The Microbiome Solution apart is Dr Chutkan’s powerful plan for optimising your wellbeing.



Discover how our hyper-hygienic lifestyle, enforced with hand-sanitising gels and antibiotics, is stripping our bodies of their natural protective systems; learn about essential prebiotics and probiotics; read a private introduction to the stool transplant, the radical super-fix for a severe microbial imbalance; and cook for thousands of billions with recipes that replenish your microbiome. This book will bring welcome relief to the many millions worldwide who need to grow a good ‘gut garden’ — and enjoy healthier, happier lives.



My View:

This is a very useful resource for those about to embark on the wonderful journey of reinvigorating their gut bacteria and is just as useful for those already in the process, seeking further ways to enhance their “live dirty eat clean” lifestyle and confirmation that they are on the right track. This book is written in very easy to understand language (but don’t expect me to be able to pronounce all the names of bacteria and pro biotics – they are mostly very tricky) J Do expect to find some sound advice and lessons on how to change your life style and a simple 1, 2 3 rule to ensure you are getting enough dietary fibre (good digestion requires fibre); “Eat at least one vegetable at breakfast, two at lunch and three at dinner.” (p.134)


Do expect to find easy to follow microbiome recipes to enhance your “gut garden,” a how to guide to making beauty products (face scrubs, moisturisers, etc.) that are good for you and your microbes.


And last but not least a chapter on stool transplants. (I kid you not!) “Everything You Wanted to Know about Stool Transplants but Were Afraid to Ask (chapter 13) whilst delivering some interesting and appreciated scientific/medical based information that I probably would not ever ask about or give voice to question, this chapter say it all and is hilarious. (And I am sure I can hear the author laughing with me as I discuss this with you) Are you among the special few who love a good poo joke? Then this chapter is for you! I could not help myself – I solicitously read the entire book, nodding in agreement, absorbing new useful information…admiring the recipes and the simple guidelines for cultivating your microbiome but when it came to chapter 13 I was uncontrollably laughing out loud. My apologies I just couldn’t help myself! And when read out loud to my husband the supply list for “How to Perform FMT”( Faecal Microbiota Transplant) we both laughed so much we cried- his comment – “what do you need a plastic shower curtain for, seconds thoughts, no, don’t tell me.” But I did! We laughed so much we cried. (You had to be there) J


I should not laugh, this is a serious subject, but I am very pleased I read this chapter, I am enlightened and have shared my new found knowledge around – a subject (stools) that can be somewhat embarrassing to bring into a conversation has become socially accessible. As the author explains “Most of us have an aversion to stool stemming from early childhood when we are discouraged from passing gas or making any references to our ‘poo.’ Bowel movements are viewed as something dirty and furtive, best flushed away quickly and not discussed in polite company despite the fact that every human being on the planet has them on a regular, if not daily, basis.” Aversion now cured.


In writing this book and sharing her knowledge, Robynne Chutkan has created a comfortable (and educational) environment where all things ‘poo’ can be discussed. Gaining a better understanding of how our body works is cause for all to celebrate! Thank you Robynne Chutkan.








6 thoughts on “Post Script – The Microbiome Solution a radical new way to heal your body from the inside out – Robynne Chutkan MD

  1. It’s nice to know that CHutkan is a gastroenterologist, Carol. Too often, people eagerly read books by people who, to be quite frank, don’t have the background they need to write this sort of book. When one’s looking at diet and lifestyle, I think it’s important to really consult experts. Sounds like she’s an expert with a sense of humour, too.

    • But see- you are talking about it:) Excellent (and cat litter trays are gross) but we have a dog we have to clean up after him when we re away – all my pockets are full of unused “doggie bags” for just in case. And did you realise people with pets are exposed to more/different bacteria – its a positive thing. But seriously some amazing science happening around gut and gut health. Eat more fibre – can only do you good. Eat real food as opposed to processed foods…

      • Yes, I must say I’ve always thought that excessive hygiene – especially all these anti-bacterial sprays and handwashes – just lowers resistance. Obviously filth isn’t good either 😉 but there’s a happy medium…

      • Agree – we are in a time of excessive hygiene – its all about selling more products / making money . Unless you are a surgeon – soap and water works for the everyday (and then I think it is the water that is the “cleanser”. ) It is about building up resistance to bacteria and having so many good bacteria (in the gut/on the skin) that the bad bacteria cant get a hold. I can highly recommend this read FF.

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