Post Script: BakeClass – Anneka Manning

Start a family tradition today!

BakeClass Cover_Jacket

Anneka Manning
Murdoch Books
Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781743365717

An essential baking book that progressively builds the home cook’s skills and confidence through technique-based lessons and delicious recipes.

Take a personalised master class with baking expert Anneka Manning.

Whether you’re a beginner or already baking with confidence, Anneka will guide you through a unique step-by-step lesson sequence to help you master the 10 fundamental mixing methods that provide the foundation for all baking recipes.

This must-have reference features over 90 sweet and savoury fail-safe recipes that will build your know-how and confidence in a progressive and practical way, and help you become the baker you want to be.
My View:
Why do I bake? I enjoy the process, I enjoy creating something from a list of ingredients. I like to share the creations with people I love, I want control of the ingredients that go into the food I eat – no artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, Trans fats or gums or fillers in the food I prepare. I decide how much sugar and salt I include. I decide the type of flour I use.

Cooking and in particular baking brings people together. I love it. I share the results of my baking often. Sometimes I give it all away. It I gives me such a wonderful feeling. If you feel the same – then this book is for you! Step by step, method by method there is something here for all to make and share and give away. These recipes are so easy – I have already made the Zucchini and Pistachio Loaf – even my zucchini hating husband enjoyed this, the Chocolate and Walnut Fudge Cookies are divine (my daughters tell me this!) the Date and Orange Loaf is perfect for a picnic (again ask my daughters) and the Pecan and Cinnamon Oat Biscuits are perfect to share around the office.

There are so many evocative memories in this recipe book- whose grandma made them macaroons? Or sponge cakes or Berry and Coconut Slice? Or meringues? You too can take on these cooking traditions with the aid of this book or create your own traditions. The recipes are so easy – and instructions are by methods, personally I prefer the measure and mix or food processor methods but I am happy to make any of the recipes here – the instructions and so clear.

Start a family tradition today!

13 thoughts on “Post Script: BakeClass – Anneka Manning

    • Yes Janine she is – she has worked for leading food publications – Australian Gourmet Traveller, Australian Good Taste, Aust Woemn’s Weekly,SMH etc also a food editor, publisher, teacher etc has a Sydney based baking school – called BakeClass ,and teaches a Make Me A Baker class too and has a web page. She is very experienced.

  1. What a great idea, Carol, to have a book that progressively takes the reader through recipes – like a class, rather than just a recipe book. It sounds like a great addition to a kitchen library.

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    • Anneka I am sure I going to get a lot of use out of this book (I have already made so many that have already become favourites) I love the combinations of flavours, particularly the use of oranges in your recipes and how easy these are to make. Thanks for sharing your experience and your trusted recipes.

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