Post Script: I am Doodle Cat – Kat Patrick and Lauren Marriott

Vibrant, fun and inclusive – this children’s book has a lot to offer.

I am Doodle Cat

I am Doodle Cat

Kat Patrick & Lauren Marriott


Scribe Publications

ISBN: 9781925321258



I Am Doodle Cat and I am one very proud drawing. I’m red like a really ripe tomato. Sometimes I find it hard to choose between dancing and clawing the rug so I just do both at the same time. I make long lists of the things I love because it’s important to remember what makes you happy. I’ll help you spot the magic in silliness and the greatness in pretty much everything. Also, my best friend is a pangolin. Let’s be pals.



My View:

Vibrant, fun and inclusive – this children’s book has a lot to offer.


“I am Doodle Cat is a children’s’ book here to encourage imagination, celebration of all things you love, and finding the magic in silliness.” (Scribe Publications).


The vibrant red Doodle Cat is a fan of so many things that children adore including: making noise, dancing, ice cream, farts, friends, trees, lentils, and his onesie. (I love the illustration that goes with the declaration, “I Love my Onesie”). Read aloud to your toddler or perhaps read with your pre-schooler – so much fun and many opportunities for discussion.  In the last pages Doodle Cat states – “I am Doodle Cat, I love me!” And asks “What do you love?”  “It’s very important to love you. Because really you are pretty great…” (What a great way to boost/build self-esteem)   The last few pages have more of these helpful ways to begin discussions with your child, for example “I Love Fractals – A fractal is a…..” or “I love difference – Difference keeps us interesting….” helpful hints for grandparents, parents and teachers alike! Children will just love it for the fun and the playfulness.

I love Doodle Cat, I am sure you will too!




7 thoughts on “Post Script: I am Doodle Cat – Kat Patrick and Lauren Marriott

  1. Sounds like a fantastic book to read with little ones, Carol. Not only does it touch on things kids really think about and like, but also, it sounds as though it would be right for several ages/stages, right up until the little ones start reading themselves.

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  3. Carol do you think it’s suitable for a two year old boy? I don’t have a clue about kids and books and am looking for ideas for books for my nephew in the UK, I like to send him Aussie stories

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