Sharing Community….Some Advice Please

We are embracing the “sharing community” – we sell excess home grown produce, shed/garage stuff we dont use, cut flowers from our garden etc… we are really interested in this idea from the   “Turn your un-used assets, skills, knowledge and passions into a side income.”


My question is this – I have discovered a cute little (old) sports car for sale  (locally) I would love to buy this and somehow “share it out” any ideas?  We have a car and as we are both are retired dont really need a second car…but so cute 🙂




PS the car is about 14 years old and about $4000 …what do you think??



7 thoughts on “Sharing Community….Some Advice Please

  1. Oh, that is a great car, Carol! Whether it’s a good deal or not, of course, I don’t know. But sharing out a car sounds really interesting. You could run errands for people who can’t go out for themselves, or take people to doctor’s appointments, etc.. You could even share it with people who can’t afford their own car. All kinds of possibilities!

    • Margot I know nothing about cars really but the whole sharing community thing has so many possibilities however I am a little concerned living in s rural town might limit those possibilities – I have my husband to convince 😊 o haven’t seen this car in “the flesh ” but like the idea of it😃

  2. The car looks like it’s in good shape, especially for 14 years old. But then, I live in Canada where snow and salt take their toll much faster than in other areas. I’ve seen cars left in certain locations near a university (also bikes) where people sign up online and are given a code to pick up a car and leave it in any of the designated lots. For a small town situation like yours, I like Margot’s idea. Nearby churches could connect you with people who need the kind of services Margot has outlined. Also, a kind of ‘meals on wheels’ is great for people who need extra support either due to their age or illness in the family. Good luck with this. It is a really cute car!

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