Post Script: In The Kitchen – Simmone Logue

In The Kitchen

In the Kitchen

Simmone Logue

Murdoch Books

ISBN: 9781743367254

RRP A$39.99



Legendary caterer and food wholesaler shares her fresh, easy, seasonal recipes that cater for every occasion, from breakfast to dinner, cocktails to picnics.


Simmone Logue and her team ice hundreds of cakes, bake tens of thousands of pies and stir more than a thousand casseroles of beef bourguignon each week. But this consummate professional hasn’t lost any of the passion or forgotten any of the secrets that made her a great home cook in the first place.


Every recipe in this collection has a special place in Simmone’s heart and marks a milestone on her journey to becoming a legendary baker, caterer and businesswoman.


From the early days as the ‘fairy pudding godmother’, who walked her home-made cakes up the road to local cafes, to the thriving businesswoman who now supplies busy people, supermarkets, footy stadiums and airlines from her artisan bakery in Sydney. The kitchen is Simmone’s natural habitat – the heart of her home and her business, the place where she eats, sleeps and breathes her passion for food.



My View:

This is a cook book that will stand out from the rest on your kitchen library shelf.  It has all my favourites; Bacon and Egg Pie, Spanakopita, Vanilla Slice, Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Herby Quinoa and Roasted Veggies….I don’t know where to start, so many tempting dishes here. And then there are the scrumptious images that beckon you to start cooking now!


The book is divide into useful chapters: the first is a kitchen “tool box” basic recipes that will be woven into the recipes that follow; sauces, dressings, nam jim, chili jam, Thai dressings, pickles…preserved lemon, labneh…pastries, jam, marmalade…butter cream…this is the perfect resource for all you cooking needs.


Then the chapters are dived into:


Picnic lunches

Sunday roast

Fresh and Fragrant

Soups. Pasta, Braises & A Few others

Pies and Pastries

Cocktail & Party food

Sweets, Tarts, Puddings and Kisses

And lastly but not least Cakes.


There really is something here for everyone.



4 thoughts on “Post Script: In The Kitchen – Simmone Logue

  1. Ah, another culinary winner, Carol! Lovely! Of course, I’ve no idea how many kilos I’ll gain if I try all of the great recipes you’ve shared right away. That’s why I love archiving 🙂

  2. Sounds like another sensible cookbook Carol. Pleasing to see that chefs are finally realising that we do not want cookbooks filled with sparse pretty looking food, we just want real food with a bit of a twist. Another Australian author?

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