Post Script: The Missing Hours -Emma Kavanagh

The Missing Hours

The Missing Hours

Emma Kavanagh

Cornerstone Digital

ISBN: 9781473535596




A woman disappears


One moment, Selena Cole is in the playground with her children and the next, she has vanished without a trace.


A woman returns


Twenty hours later, Selena is found safe and well, but with no memory of where she has been.


What took place in those missing hours, and are they linked to the discovery of a nearby murder?


‘Is it a forgetting or a deception?’



My View:

Unique. Compelling. Surprising.


This book has just so much going for it! A wonderfully engaging character driven narrative, multiple points of views adding depth and perspectives to the narrative and to the main characters. What great characters there were! Everyone had something to offer or something they were holding back, some little piece of themselves and the mystery they didn’t want to let go of or share that when revealed kept changing the direction of the plot or the way you thought it was all going to work out. Each reveal just added more complexity to the mystery. Who was telling the truth? So many lies, half-truths or omissions.


This is a thoroughly enjoyable and mesmerising read. Unique – in so many ways; brother and sister police officers working two cases in the same precinct, the company the missing woman works for again is unusual – I haven’t come across this in crime fiction before though know of its existence in the work place (but I bet there will be more of this type of scenario in future reads), no spoilers here.   And the twists – relationships that will surprise, nothing is as it seems on the surface; family pictures on the mantle shelf displaying a version of the truth, a moment in time… a display….real or not? You work it out.

4 thoughts on “Post Script: The Missing Hours -Emma Kavanagh

  1. It does sound engaging, Carol. And that’s a unique sort of context, too. The brother-and-sister setup is really especially interesting. Glad you enjoyed it so well.

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