Post Script: Dead Pretty – David Mark

Dead Pretty

Dead Pretty

The 5th DS McAvoy Novel

David Mark

Hachette Australia

Mullholland Books


ISBN: 9781444798104



Hannah Kelly has been missing for nine months. Ava Delaney has been dead for five days.


One girl to find. One girl to avenge. And DS Aector McAvoy won’t let either of them go until justice can be done.


But some people have their own ideas of what justice means…


DEAD PRETTY is the stunning new novel from one of Britain’s most original crime writers.


My View:

This is the 5th story in this series, and I have only just jumped on this boat.  Aside from missing out on some of the well-established back stories I was still able to play catch up without too much effort, though it did take a little time. I discovered an interesting couple of protagonists, actually scratch that – I discovered a book full of interesting characters – even the already dead left a huge impression such was DS Aector McEvoy’s passion to solve the riddle of their deaths by discovering all that he could about their lives.


There are a couple of wonderful twists here – one being that I managed to solve some of the crimes myself – but then maybe I was meant to? Having this knowledge before the murders were officially “solved” added to my anticipation and apprehension – a great ploy.


I look forward to one day catching up with the beginning of the series.


4 thoughts on “Post Script: Dead Pretty – David Mark

  1. I’d like to know this series better than I do, too, Carol. McAvoy is an interesting character, and I love it that he’s not stereotypical.

  2. I read The Dark Winter & enjoyed it but not enough to commit to reading the subsequent books. Perhaps i’ll give him another try & read the second one, Original Skin…..

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