Post Script: In Too Deep – Samantha Hayes

In Too Deep

In Too Deep

Samantha Hayes

Random House UK, Cornerstone


ISBN: 9781780893419




The compelling new psychological suspense novel, from the author of Until You’re Mine, Before You Die and You Belong to Me. Perfect for fans of S J Watson and Sophie Hannah.


Your husband goes out to buy a newspaper. He never comes back.


Months later, an unexpected phone call puts you and your daughter in unimaginable danger.


Even if he were still alive, your husband can’t save you now.


He told you way too many lies for that.




My View:

I have mixed feelings about this read.  It took a while to warm up, to engage, to compel me to turn the page. Then I was only about one quarter my way through the book when I made some accurate yet hesitant connections regarding mysteries in the overarching story line – the author however was clever enough to keep me doubting my assumptions, keep me reading.


Then we have the ending…I didn’t get it. (No spoilers here) Yes the ending did wrap up the mysteries and the actions of one of the main characters was in keeping with some earlier events but just didn’t make sense to me. The action itself did not seem dramatic enough or that it would have any dire consequences.  (Think about the location…) And it felt like the story abruptly ended, that there needed to be another chapter to discuss, make sense of this last piece of action. Well that is how it felt to me.


Despite these potholes I was ultimately engaged in the narrative and kept reading till the book ended.





9 thoughts on “Post Script: In Too Deep – Samantha Hayes

  1. Hmm….I really do appreciate your candor, as always, Carol. I must admit I’m a person who notices and minds plotholes. That said, though, this does sound like a fascinating premise. And certainly the characters sound interesting.

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