Post Script: An Affair with Danger – Robin Storey

An Affair With Danger

An Affair with Danger

Robin Storey

Robin Storey




‘The author knows how to blend romance, suspense and an appropriate amount of humor to keep me reading late into the night.’ BbReviews


When corporate lawyer Will McPherson is held up in an armed robbery, his life changes in ways he’d never dreamed of. He goes to court to give evidence and upon meeting the perpetrator’s girlfriend Frankie Slater, he is instantly smitten.


But feisty, straight-talking Frankie has her own problems, not least of which is her violent boyfriend Eddie.


And he soon becomes Will’s problem as well.


If you like your romance stories with a liberal dose of grit and suspense, you’ll love this short novel you can read in one sitting.


‘This book has intrigue, romance, humour and it was hard to put down once I started reading it.’ Jill Moffatt.


This book is available as an e-book or in print.




My View:

A little bit of this and a little bit of that makes for an entertaining read.  Robin Storey mixes romance, suspense and little bit of humour in this modern day story of boy meets girl from wrong side of the tracks.


Although only a short read, a lot of action and foreboding is packed into the 161 pages.  Domestic violence, addictions and song writing provide the backdrop to this love story, you just know it is not going to end well.   The ending…was dramatic and sad but I think I would have liked to have seen this section fleshed out a little more, it did not resonate with me – maybe because it felt a little rushed and I wanted a more optimistic outcome.


All in all an engaging read.

One thought on “Post Script: An Affair with Danger – Robin Storey

  1. Thanks, as always, for your candor, Carol. I don’t typically reach for a romance – not unless it’s an exceptional one. But I do agree that I like romances to have, well, positive endings. Still, this does have an interesting context. Hmm…..

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