Bob the Dog Reads…Lily and the Octopus

Here is  sneak peak of a book I have just finished reading – reviewed this week .  Bob  the Dog has great taste is books, he enjoyed this one too.

(And Bob the Dog is a star on Simon & Schuster Australia’s Face Book  page!  )

Bob teh Dog reads Lily and The Octopus


Read more about the book here :


And check out this remarkable duo

4 thoughts on “Bob the Dog Reads…Lily and the Octopus

  1. Nice to know that Bob the Dog has enjoys reading, too, Carol; that’s a great ‘photo! And I’m looking forward to your review of Lily and the Octopus (great title, by the way).

  2. Love Bob’s choice of book – hey – he could start up his own book club – heh heh. He’s just so cute! Great promo video, like you said, I need to have boxes of tissues on hand 😢

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