In The Mail This Week 15 July 2016

Some more great reads found their way to my mail box this week. Some great titles here – any that you fancy?Books 15-7-016

This will be my first Liane Moriarty – I am looking forward to that as I have heard so many good things about this author.  Rebellious Daughters has also got my attention…Sabine Durrant is a favourite author… Pierre Lemaitre – a standalone from him is exciting news, Position Doubtful -Kim Mahood – gets a 5 star review from my husband – which means it must be good, (as did A Beautiful Young Wife), I liked the last Michel Bussi I read,  and Jane Joago – The Wrong Hand ..looks like some difficult subject matter here but could be interesting: “We all make mistakes. Moments that change us and the path we are on irrevocably. For Rachel Allen it was the moment that she let her son’s hand slip from hers. For Danny Simpson and Graham Harris it was the moment one of them took it. Seven years ago Danny and Graham were just children themselves, angry, marginalized and unguided. That was, until they committed a crime so..”


Add to that a few eBooks and about 4 direct requests this week from authors to read and review their books…where to start???

16 thoughts on “In The Mail This Week 15 July 2016

  1. I want to read Liane Moriarty too, as I’ve heard such good things about her. I wasn’t terribly impressed with Black Water Lilies, although it started well (and the setting is great). And I’ve got Lie with Me on my TBR pile as well!

  2. What a great haul you have Carol, I can’t believe you haven’t read Liane yet, although I know it is generally not your preferred genre 😊 I have the audio book on hold at work for her latest.

  3. Oh, you’ve got some lovely choices there, Carol! I want to read that Moriarty as well, so I would probably start there. But wherever you start, you’ll likely have a good reading experience.

  4. I’ve read one Liane Moriarty’s books and quite enjoyed it – they’ve very comfortable, relatable urban settings with a bit of intrigue thrown in. An easy but interesting read.

  5. Many people really enjoy Lemaitre’s books. I’m a bit hesitant, they might be too dark & graphic for me. Summer thst melted is such a beautiful title… poetic…..enjoy your haul…..looking forward to the reviews!

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