Post Script: The Sting: The Undercover Operation That Caught Daniel Morcombe’s Killer – Kate Kyriacou

The Sting

The Sting: The Undercover Operation That Caught Daniel Morcombe’s Killer

Kate Kyriacou

Echo Publishing

ISBN: 9781760067427



The story of the police sting that resulted in the confession of Daniel Morcombe’s killer reads like crime fiction. An elaborately staged fake crime gang, run by a ‘Mr Big’ that lured Brett Cowan in with the promise of a hefty payout. It was the stuff of a TV crime series rather than an Australian police operation. The Sting reveals extraordinary new detail and a shocking insight into one of the country’s most evil killers, and the operation that brought him down.

Go behind the scenes in one of Australia’s most sensational undercover busts, including never-before-heard detail of the covert investigation, including how Cowan was slowly brainwashed into believing ‘Mr Big’.

Read what Cowan’s family think of their black sheep.


My View:

A fascinating read! But don’t be quick to judge me – I am not referring to the horrendous atrocities that Daniel Morcombe’s murderer is guilty of, I am referring to the outstanding efforts that the Queensland, West Australian and Victorian police force made to apprehend this criminal; such lengths, the covert officers deserve an academy award for their part in capturing this offender. Their story is fascinating.


Kate Kyriacou presents a sensitively written narrative of two parts; the first act introduces the “players” and sets the scene. We meet the offender, the families involved, we get some background on locations and personal histories, insights to the main characters and the revelation of the story of a missing boy, soon to be presumed dead.


We meet Daniel Morcombe and his family. We share the fear that all parents share when a child goes missing. We meet Brett Peter Cowan and fear for whoever crosses his path – an opportunistic psychopath that evokes no empathy.


A nation trembled in fear when Daniel Morcombe went missing in December 2003.


The author provides us with a background to both families involved in this tragedy. We learn of Brett Cowan’s earlier criminal behaviours and the assaults he committed but thankfully we do not get “into his head”. The facts are presented, the behaviours stated simply but we do not “hear “ Cowan’s personal story, we just see his part in it, an observation from the outside and for that I am  grateful.  We get to meet the Morcombe’s – we feel their despair, we feel their pain.


Part Two – The Sting! What an incredible effort that the police forces put into eliciting a confession from their prime suspect in this case.  Psychology, role playing, deals and scripted conversations secretly recorded, what a feat!


It is a credit to the author, her research and her compulsive style of writing that despite knowing the outcome of this covet operation, I was on the edge of my seat, cheering the operatives on, hoping they found the evidence they needed in time to secure the arrest and conviction of Daniel Morcombe’s murderer. Well written Kate Kyriacou!






5 thoughts on “Post Script: The Sting: The Undercover Operation That Caught Daniel Morcombe’s Killer – Kate Kyriacou

  1. Oh, my, Carol, this does sound fascinating! And sometimes real life criminal investigation is at least as interesting as any novel. Little wonder you were absorbed.

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