Post Script: Chocolate – Kirsten Tibballs


Chocolate - Cover


Kirsten Tibballs

Murdoch Books

ISBN: 9781743366127



A luscious recipe collection from Australia’s ‘queen of chocolate’. Recipes that hold your hand every step of the way so you can create chocolate perfection at home.

Dark and luxurious or creamy and light … drizzling, oozing or baked … there are many ways to enjoy chocolate, but there is only one ‘Queen of Chocolate’. Kirsten Tibballs, world-renowned chocolatier and pastry chef, has devoted her life to the pursuit of delightful desserts, perfecting her techniques and creating decadent treats that make people happy.


Whether you’re after a knockout chocolate mousse cake, sticky chocolate doughnut or the best brownie you’ve ever tasted, Kirsten has you covered. Her favourite chocolate recipes, road-tested at her cooking school, and detailed explanations of steps and techniques will instill confidence in the most kitchen-shy of chocolate lovers. So, go on – melt that bowl of chocolate, line a baking sheet and relax …


You’re in the hands of a professional.



My View:

I can sum up this book pretty easily and simply in just one word – DELICIOUS!


“Kirsten Tibballs, who MasterChef proclaims ‘the queen of chocolate’, is one of Australia’s most celebrated and internationally respected pastry chefs and chocolatiers. She is Pastry Chef & Director at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School in Brunswick, Melbourne, which she owns. Kirsten represented Australia at the World Pastry Championships in Las Vegas, where she was recognised as the best in the world for her handmade chocolates, as well as winning gold in the Pastry Olympics in Germany. She has also been a judge at the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, The Patisserie Grand Prix in Japan and The World Chocolate Masters National selections in London. Kirsten makes regular appearances on TV, including Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield, and has presented numerous chocolate challenges on MasterChef to test and inspire the contestants. She regularly contributes recipes and articles to a number of the world’s leading pastry publications including so good, Pastry and Baking North America, Pastry and Baking Asia Pacific, Baking Business and Australasian Baker.” (



Stay tuned – over the next few days I will bring you my selection of mouth-wateringly scrumptious recipes from this exciting book.



**Images and recipes from Chocolate by Kirsten Tibballs (Murdoch Books) RRP $49.99 available now in all good bookstores and online.


7 thoughts on “Post Script: Chocolate – Kirsten Tibballs

  1. This looks utterly luscious, Carol! What an appealing cover, too! I’ve a feeling I’m going to be archiving several of your upcoming posts…

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