One Goal Achieved…

I reduced my reading expectations this year knowing that life would be busy once our grandson came along.  And it has been – beautifully, spectacularly and gorgeously busy. Being a grandparent is the best experience – so much love!


Anyway enough of my gushing. I did achieve my Goodreads challenge (150 books) and will add a few more reads and reviews before the year is out. Next I must update my Australian reading challenges pages…


good-reads 2016

Since I decided to blog my book reviews my ideas, ambitions and reviewing skills have changed as my experience has grown.   This year, as I mentioned life has been busy and so I am considering adding the occasional guest reviewer to keep the blog fresh and to provide me with some breathing space to catch up on some of my reviews. What do you think to that idea?

Finally I share my dream for the future – to be paid to read and review… if you know how I can make this happen, let me know:)  This would be the most perfect job!  Dreaming…yes I know.



8 thoughts on “One Goal Achieved…

  1. Well done Carol, a massive achievement!! I have also surpassed my goal and have read the most amount of books ever since I started keeping score (2003). I am going to up mine a little bit next year, but not too much, as I don’t want to feel overwhelmed.

    Ha Ha a job where you get paid to read would be wonderful – good luck with that!

    • Thanks Janine – some wonderful reads this year must start working on my best of 2016 list before 2017 sneaks up on me. And dreams…we all need them 🙂 (PS I used to think working in a book shop or library was the best job but you dont get to read on the job! )

  2. Many congrats on both being a Grandmother & reaching your goal of 150 books – WOW! How do you do it?
    Anything that helps you free up your time is a plus – bring on the guest reviewers 😀

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