The Best Sourdough Bread I Have Ever Made

On the weekend I thought I would do some bread making; I feed my sourdough starter and then referred  to  a book I recently received – Ferment, Pickle Dry.  This book has a few different sour dough recipes (among other useful things)- and a basic sough dough starter and production  leaven guide. Has any one else ever used a production leaven? This is the first time I have come across this step in sour dough bread making – and it works a treat!



                                              Organic wholemeal spelt sourdough




5 thoughts on “The Best Sourdough Bread I Have Ever Made

  1. Wow Carol well done! I did a sourdough class a couple of years ago and still have my starter in the fridge, but not had a go at making it yet. You’ve done well! I’ve never heard of production leaven what is it? Did the bread taste as good as it looked?

    • It tasted great Janine! Production leaven- is the starter with flour added that is left to ferment/yeast to grow- quite a bit of flour- and forms almost a dough that you add to the mix- the yeasts really expands and thrives this way- much better than just adding the starter to the other ingredients

  2. Oh, that looks delicious, Carol! Absolutely wonderful! I remember your mentions of the book on your blog, too; I’m glad the recipe worked well for you.

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