Best True Crime Read of 2016

I didn’t have to think twice when I was deciding which book deserves this accolade. I think this is a book that all people should read –  yes it might make you feel a little uncomfortable at times, yes it is sometimes brutal and it is hard to believe that this sort of thing is happening in modern Australia ( and this issue not endemic  to Australia – it is world wide.)


This narrative is exceptionally well written. It is emotional, it is challenging, it is heartbreaking and it shares shocking life altering truths.  Thank you to all the brave women and families who shared their painful intimate stories. Thanks you to Megan Norris for revealing these stories with candour and without sensationalism .  Education is the key. Awareness is needed.


The most moving book I have read in such a long time:


Megan Norris

Look What You Made Me Do, Fathers Who Kill

Megan Norris



9 thoughts on “Best True Crime Read of 2016

  1. A very powerful and moving read – definitely worthy of this title! So thankful I had the opportunity to stay with you and purchase this book. I have also ordered ‘What Came Before’ and ‘The War on Women’!

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