Best Contemporary Reads/Literary Reads of 2016

I read so many great books last year and this category – literary fiction/contemporary fiction ( and yes is does crisscross  over a few other genres, but some books deserve more than one mention!) If you pick up any one of these books you will not be disappointed, links to my reviews are included. let me know if you enjoyed any of these suggestions.


Between A Wolf and a Dog

Between A Wold and A Dog

Georgia Blain

An Isolated IncidentAn Isolated Incident

Emily Maguire


Music and Freedom
Zoe Morrison

Like I Can Love
Like I Can Love

Kim Lock

Black British

Black British

Hebe de Souza

Work Like Any Other

Work Like Any Other

Virginia Reeves

Undying – A Love Story

Michael Faber

the summer that melted everything Scribe

The Summer That Melted Everything

Tiffany McDaniel

Sugar And Snails

Sugar and Snails

Anne Goodwin

The Light on the Water

The Light On The Water

Olga Lorenzo

How Not To Disappear

How Not to Disappear

Clare Furniss

4 thoughts on “Best Contemporary Reads/Literary Reads of 2016

  1. So glad you found so many good reads this past year, Carol. There’s a real variety, here, too, among your top choices. I like that, too. It’s a good reminder that an excellent story can take many different forms.

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