Australia Day Mystery /Thriller Giveaway

Join with me in thanking Simon & Schuster for generously providing this exciting pack of Aussie Author  Mystery/Thriller Reads for my Australia Day Aussie Author Giveaway.  In the comments section of the blog tell me wish film festival in 2016  I met the lovely Perth writer Sara Foster . (hint here )  ****Giveaway open to Australian residents only. Giveaway ends midnight 28 January 2017.


This fantastic mystery/thriller 3 pack book giveaway consists of the following book:

All That Is Lost Between Us

Sara Foster – Al That Is Lost Between Us

All These Perfect Strangers

Aoife Clifford’s – All These Perfect Strangers



Richard Beasley’s Cyanide Games – A Peter Tanner Thriller


17 thoughts on “Australia Day Mystery /Thriller Giveaway

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to enter, Carol. You met Sara Foster at the Margaret River Readers’ and Writers’ Festival. I read one of her books this year and enjoyed it.

  2. You met Sara Foster at the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival. Thanks so much for the chance to win – these books are on my wish list! (In fact, all of Sara Foster’s books are, I’ve only read one so far!)

  3. I just signed up to this page and found all of you. A great page and will start following these blogs along with others I have followed for several years.I guess you met her at the Margaret River Readers and Writers festival. Lol

  4. Hi Carol, you met the lovely Sarah at the Margaret River Writer’s Festival in June 2016 – I was there and met her also. Sarah was lovely enough to attend my book club get together in Perth later in the year to talk about her book.

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