We Are Back From A Short Holiday

We had a lovely refreshing short break – in our caravan, restful, with plenty of time for reading – we are now back on line 🙂

Bob the Dog

Bob the Dog enjoyed walks along the river, swims at the beach and coffee and cake at the cafe. He is such a well behaved dog.

7 thoughts on “We Are Back From A Short Holiday

  1. He is so fabulous, Carol. And what a handsome fellow, too. Glad you had such a lovely break, and looking forward to your reviews when you get to them.

  2. Bob is just the cutest!
    Looked up Animators as i had not heard of it yet. Fantastic reviews. Luckily our library has copies so i was able to put a hold on it, Thrilled that you gave it 5 stars. Excited to read this.

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