Post Script: Food To Make You Glow – Lola Berry

Food_To Make_You_Glow_Front_CVR

Food To Make you Glow

Lola Berry

Pan Macmillan Australia


ISBN: 9781743548479



Whether you’re looking to boost energy levels, manage stress or achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss, eating the right food is a crucial piece of the puzzle.


In Food to Make You Glow, nutritionist Lola Berry shares the key whole foods to support specific health goals: happiness, energy, beauty, immunity, calming, weight loss and detox. As well as 90 delicious recipes based around these wholefood heroes, Lola recommends the best herbal teas, lifestyle tips, exercises and activities for each health goal.


Want to keep the baddies at bay and support your immune system? Go for recipes featuring immune-boosting red meat, garlic or seeds, such as the Lucky Lamb Chops with Green Pea Smash or Coconut Fruit Whip with Almond and Seed Toffee. Need to give your hair, skin and nails some love? The Raw Rainbow Pasta with Brazil Nut and Spinach Pesto or Salted Macadamia Nut Slice are high in good fats and antioxidants.


Get inspired about the positive effects whole foods can have on your health, and start cooking food to make you glow!



My View:

I love the fresh, unique design of this book – chapters are set out according to properties of the foods in the recipes listed within:

  1. Food for happiness
  2. Food for energy
  3. Food for beauty
  4. Food for immunity
  5. Food for calming
  6. Food for weight loss and detox.


“Putting it simply, this is a book about wholefoods and how real food can not only nourish your body but also have a positive impact on many different aspects of your health.” (p.6)  Wholefoods, real foods…these are recipes I know I will be referring to often, making often. I think all of the recipes will be useful – and it is great to be able to select according to how my body is feeling at the time. At the moment I could use a good dose of energising, calming and immunity boosting foods.


Let’s look closer at how the book is set up and examine the chapter on “food for immunity” as an example. There are suggestion of teas that will help you boost your immunity; Echinacea, calendula or astragalus.   “Hero” foods, ingredients with properties that will assist your body to achieve the particular health goal you are interested in, are listed, in this instance, red meat, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, kiwi fruit, garlic and broccoli.  There is a recommended yoga pose for immunity, “twisted roots” (p. 140), this is a gentle pose that even I could manage. And then there are the recipes – all with a guide that clearly states if the recipe is dairy free, gluten free, grain free, paleo or vegan or vegetarian.


All my favourite foods are here, or variations of them; breakfast bowls, smoothies, bliss balls, fermented foods, bone broths, curries, potato bake, a nutrition bowl, raw foods, Buddha bowl, slices, muffins, Mexican Hot Chocolate…YUM!  What more could I ask for? It’s all here.





2 thoughts on “Post Script: Food To Make You Glow – Lola Berry

  1. What a creative and useful idea, Carol, to put the book together in that way. It sounds like a really useful guide for making specific recipes for the kinds of things your body needs. Interesting!

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