In the Mail 14th January 2018

Some more great reads here- where to start? I have heard good things about Jo Spain’s books, Peter May – well of course this will be great! I have started Path to the Night Sea – a dark yet optimistic read…Brain Rules for Ageing Well ( yes I must read this) and The Clever Guts Recipe Book – I think it is time I discovered what all the hype about those eggplant brownies is about (and check out a few more of the recipes).

books 14 Jan2018 001

9 thoughts on “In the Mail 14th January 2018

  1. I’ve read excellent reviews of the Peter May book. So you’re definitely in luck there. He’s one of my top 10 writers, I can’t wait to read this.
    Not familiar with either Spain or Gilmore so I’ll be interested to read your reviews. The gut health & brain book book sound like something we could all use!

  2. Alicia Gilmore’s novel, Path to the Night Sea is indeed dark, optimistic and thought provoking. It is beautifully written, almost impossible to put down and engages the reader from start to finish. I’m now impatiently waiting for the sequel!

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