In the Mail 17th February 2018

What a great week or two of new arrivals – my bookshelf is toppling over with the weight 🙂 Among these some great Australian women writers…now where to start? Any recommendations?


in the mail feb 17 2018

14 thoughts on “In the Mail 17th February 2018

  1. So exciting to be able to dip into a brand new pile of books! And these look fantastic Carol.
    As to which one to pick up first, I really enjoyed Nicola Moriarty’s The Fifth Letter, so i would probably start with her new one & quickly follow with Panic Room. Robert Goddard is one of my many favorites 😊

    Looking forward to finding out which you choose. Happy reading!

      • The only other author that I’m familiar with is Andrea Camillieri who writes a long series. I haven’t read any of these but i think the series is numbering in the 20s now. Another one in your pile tweeked my interest; The Pearler’s Wife. Is this by an Australian author?

      • The Pearlers wife inspired by the writers time in Broome Western Australia, “where she stumbled across a fascinating moment in Australian history which sparked the idea for her first novel.” I have lived and worked in Broome -the setting of this one appeals to me.

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