What a Difference a Day Makes

Some of you may have noticed my recent lack of presence. It has been a particularly difficult few months for our family dealing with 4 deaths in a matter of weeks. I have taken a few months break from reading and reviewing, I just haven’t been able to concentrate.  But I will be back…I think.


At the moment we are on short caravaning holiday – a time to refresh and regroup.


What a difference a day makes- The Porongurup Range – Great Southern Region of Western Australia.


Big thanks to Brenda for providing content to keep the blog running.





12 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. Enjoy Carol – yes, it has been a tough time for you. It is so very lovely over there, it inspired me to write fictional ‘Chalk Hill’ in the foothills of the Porongurups.

  2. Oh Carol, that’s so sad for you and your family. I hope your break will help with your healing and you find your way back to a form of normality.

  3. How awful for you Carol. This has indeed been a very sad year so far. Losses are always tough to deal with but most don’t have to deal with multiple passings at the same time.
    We also lost 2 very close friends last month, their deaths came just one day apart. One tends to reflect on what really is important.
    Taking a trip is a good way to begin the healing process.
    Wishing you and your family peace.

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