Guest Review:The Kookaburra Creek Cafe – Sandie Docker

The Kookaburra Creek Cafe

The Kookaburra Creek Cafe
Sandie Docker
Penguin Random House AU
ISBN: 9780143789192

Welcome to the Kookaburra Creek Cafe.

For Hattie, the cafe has been her refuge for the last fifty years – her second chance at a happy ending after her dreams of being a star were shattered. But will the ghosts of her past succeed in destroying everything she’s worked so hard to build?
For Alice, the cafe is her livelihood. After Hattie took her in as a teenager, Alice has slowly forged a quiet life as the cafe’s manager (and chief cupcake baker). But with so many tragedies behind her, is it too late for Alice’s story to have a happy ending?
For Becca, a teenager in trouble, the cafe could be the new start she yearns for. That is, if she can be persuaded to stop running from her secrets. Can Becca find a way to believe in the kindness of strangers, and accept that this small town could be the place where she finally belongs?
One small town. Three lost women. And a lifetime of secrets.

Brenda’s Review:
Alice and Louise had been best friends from the age of eleven. Alice was happy when she was with Louise, and she went to school to get away from her home. When tragedy struck, Alice drove away in the old beat up car that was her Dad’s – just drove until she could go no further. She was tired, hungry and grieving when Hattie found her and took her under her wing; Alice was sure she wouldn’t stay. But gradually Hattie, the Kookaburra Creek Café, and the community became home to her. And Alice discovered she could bake cupcakes – the best cupcakes in town.
Hattie had had a similar experience fifty years prior and Kookaburra Creek had been her saviour. Now Hattie knew Alice needed a second chance, just as she had. Gently and with care, Alice blossomed. But could Alice retain her peace and happiness?

And when a frightened young teenager turned up on the Café’s doorstep, Alice felt the past come back. Was Becca’s arrival a coincidence? Alice could see Becca was fragile and held many secrets close to her chest. Would Kookaburra Creek and the café give Becca the chance she needed?

The Kookaburra Creek Café is the debut novel by Aussie author Sandie Docker, and wow! What an excellent first novel! Initially, I was drawn to the cover – absolutely love it. Then the story drew me in and captivated me. Hattie, Alice and Becca’s stories are told gradually, with an easy to follow back-and-forth narration which set the tone of the book. Three wonderful characters in Hattie, Alice and Becca, and many excellent side characters make The Kookaburra Creek Café everything I wanted and more. Well done on an excellent debut Ms Docker! Highly recommended – 5 stars.

With thanks to Penguin Random House for my ARC to read and review.


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