Review: Dead Heat- Peter Cotton

Dead Heat by Peter Cotton

Dead Heat

Peter Cotton

Scribe Publications

ISBN: 9781925713428



Detective Darren Glass is back, and the stakes are higher than ever.


When the battered body of a young Aboriginal woman washes up onto a beach at Jervis Bay, Australian Federal Police Detective Darren Glass is brought in from Canberra to investigate. Glass quickly ties the murder to the disappearance of a sailor from the nearby naval base, and is forced to partner up with a senior intelligence officer from the Royal Australian Navy.


Together they follow the trail of evidence to the red heart of Australia, where a confrontation with outlaw bikies and Aboriginal activists proves deadly. As the body count mounts and foreign links emerge, the conspiracy at the heart of the case becomes a threat to Australia’s national security, as well as regional peace.


My View:

The first thing that entered my head as I started reading this was ‘hard boiled’, a genre that often features the rogue investigator/cop who follows hunches, has “ street smarts” , reads people/mannerisms, has a narrative centred around “who done it”…protagonist is usually tough and cynical.  Does this sound like AFP detective Darren Glass?  It did to me.

Gritty, violent, action packed; conspiracy theories abound.  Drones, high tech equipment’s, politics, outlaw bikie groups, land rights, this is a very modern take on the “hard boiled” theme. An explosive read.

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