Review: Liar Liar – James Patterson and Candice Fox

Liar Liar

Liar Liar

James Patterson and Candice Fox

Penguin Random House Australia


ISBN: 9780143787471



Revenge is coming, and her name is Harriet Blue . . .

Detective Harriet Blue is clear about two things. Regan Banks deserves to die. And she’ll be the one to pull the trigger.


But Regan – the Georges River Killer and the man responsible for destroying her brother’s life – has gone to ground. And now Harriet needs to disappear too – before her colleagues stop her carrying out an act that could end her career, her freedom, even her life.


Suddenly, her phone rings. It’s him. Regan. And he wants to play ‘catch me if you can’.


Within hours Harry is following his clues along a path of devastation down the Australian south coast. Town by town, Regan is taking lives, and each one is someone she knows well.


With both of them wanted on every newspaper and every television screen, time is running out. Harry needs to stop this killing machine fast before her chance for vengeance slips away . . .



My View:

A year or so ago I went to a local book launch and met, in person, Candice Fox. I really admire her tenacity, her “writing story”, her enthusiasm and the opportunity she was just beginning to work on – the joint writing efforts with James Patterson.  Bravo Candice! What a fabulous opportunity for you.


Candice spoke a little about the process of writing a co-written book – it was intriguing. After I have now read an example of this process

(Harriet Blue #3) the writing, two as one is flawless.  A gritty, tough and very physical narrative, I am sure if you enjoyed Candice’s Archer and Bennett series you will enjoy this read.



If you are a crime fiction writer out there in the world of the internet – I would love to try writing chapters of a book with you J


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