Review: Fizz Boom Bath – Isabel and Caroline Bercaw

Fizz Boom Bath!

Fizz Boom Bath!

Learn to Make Your Own Bath Bombs, Body Scrubs, and More!

Isabel Bercaw,  Caroline Bercaw

Allen & Unwin

Rock Point

ISBN: 9781631064623



From fizzers to scrubs, masks to soaps, bubble bars to shower melts, Fizz Boom Bath! is your how-to source on all things bath-time beauty.


Have you ever found yourself staring longingly at a table full of scrumptious-looking bath bombs, shower melts, or lotion bars for sale and thought, “Gee, it would be fun to make these at home, but where the heck would I begin?!” Teenage “sisterpreneurs” and creators of Da Bomb Bath Fizzers are here to take the mystery out of bath and body recipes and give you all the tools you need to crown yourself Archbishop of Bathtopia.


Isabel and Caroline will hold your hand every step of the way—and then exfoliate it with some sugar scrub when they’re finished! This book will teach you how to create all kinds of delightful, natural, homemade bath treats. Fizzers, scrubs, masks, soaps, bubble bars—Fizz Boom Bath! has you covered.



My View:

This book is a delight for all the senses J  I love the intense rich palette of the images in this book – there is something delicious and inviting in the designs, the finished products here are art in themselves.


If you are into making bath bombs, body scrubs and other bath and beauty products then this book is for you. If you just want to appreciate this beautifully designed and photographed book, buy it, it would make a great coffee table or Christmas gift purchase.


I’ll share a few recipes with you soon and if you make them please let me know how they turned out.




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