Review: The Food of Argentina: Asado, Empanadas, Dulce De Leche and More – Ross Dobson & Rachel Tolosa Paz


The Food Of Argentina

Asado, Empanadas, Dulce De Leche & more

Ross Dobson & Rachel Tolosa Paz

Smith Street books

ISBN: 9781925418712

RRP $49.99



With more than eighty recipes, The Food of Argentina celebrates the very best dishes from a passionate foodie nation which, until now, have been kept under relative lock and key.


The Food of Argentina is a rich and visual celebration of Argentinean food filled with beautiful location and food photography that takes the reader on a gastronomic journey into a little-known cuisine that is tipped to become the next global food trend for food lovers everywhere. Some people may have heard of Argentinean asados–the legendary meat barbecues that are so beloved by locals, but The Food of Argentina celebrates so much more than a carnivore’s dream.


Come inside the homes and families of Argentina and discover the very best recipes this huge food loving nation has to offer. Often influenced by their European heritage but with a distinct South American feel, home-style dishes include pastas and gnocchi, potato tortillas, and stews and casseroles, as well as sweet offerings including dulce de leche, strudels, and caramel flans. Or head outside and discover the local delicacies offered in Argentina’s tiny bars and eateries: chorizo rolls with salsa criolla, traditional empanadas, veal croquettes, and fruit-filled pastries. And let’s not forget the famous mate–a strong herbal tea that is Argentina’s traditional drink and adored by locals countrywide. Lose yourself in The Food of Argentina and discover a whole new cuisine from the comfort of your own kitchen.


My View:

Until I started perusing this book I had no idea how much in common, gastronomically, Australia has with Argentina. As I turned the pages I saw many of my favourite recipes – gnocchi with beef ragu, steak sandwiches, tomato and ricotta tart, silver beet pie, pizza, rice pudding, caramel flan, apple cake…the list goes on. Sometimes the recipes may have an interesting twist on the version I am used to but interesting is flavoursome and good.  And then there are the foods I associate with traditional Argentina – empanadas, tortillas…dulce de leche. This book is packed with flavour.


So where do I begin?My favourites  I think include the Asdao – flame grilled foods to share with family and friends. There is such a large choice of foods to cook this way – meats, breads, pizza and the side dishes to serve with them.  A veritable feast!


And then the la merienda – a sort of afternoon tea – comprising cakes, pastries… toasted sandwiches. Was I surprised to find a comfort food from my childhood (and a recipe I should revive) Cuadraditos de Coco Y Mermelda or you may know this as Coconut and Jam Slice. My late mother was fond of making this as a snack to have when we returned home from school or for afternoon tea. I can’t wait to make this myself and share with my own family.


Argentina – “A place where the people understand that food, time and talking brings us together.” (p.11)






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