#FridayFreebie: I Love My Mum Because – Petra James and Alissa Dinallo

**Rockbilby is the lucky winner. **

I Love My Mum Because

Thanks to Pan Macmillan Australia I have one copy of this gorgeous book to give away. Simply check out Pan Macmillan’s  website:  https://www.panmacmillan.com.au/9781760784386/   and in the comments list one other book by this author.


**Open to Australian residents only. Entries close 6th April 2019**


Good luck.

9 thoughts on “#FridayFreebie: I Love My Mum Because – Petra James and Alissa Dinallo

      • Hi! Wow! I have just discovered your post of 14th April 2014! A friend of mine has recently begun blogging about her experiences with bipolar and while I was reading one of her posts, the ‘Older than a month’ column (which I have never looked at before now) displayed your ‘You are the lucky winner’ post. I did not receive an email from you and there was nothing from you in my Spam folder. If I was you… lol… I probably would have done a re-draw by now but if ‘Time Trap: Arkie Sparkle Treasure Hunter 2’ is still waiting for me I would love to be united. 🙂 If not, then I am glad someone else received the prize. Cheers! – rockbilby. p.s. I wonder what happened to the email to my yahoo account?

      • Oh, everything is OK! I am sorry if I seem a little confused… but I am. (Or I was, until I realised that in the past six weeks or so, most of the time I have either been in hospital, been overseas, or been playing catch-up – with mail and parcels being collected by a kind neighbour.) I did receive the book. Thank you!

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