Review: Fauna – Donna Mazza


Donna Mazza

Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781760876302

RRP $29.99



A compelling near-future literary novel, psychological thriller and family drama


‘Fauna lays bare an electrifying genetically re-coded future so real, so terrifying, so close, I can feel its baby breath soft against my cheek.’ Robyn Mundy, author of Wild Light


‘Mazza’s novel asks hard questions, yet brims with compassion. A thrilling, unsettling read.’ Paddy O’Reilly, author of The Wonders


Set 17 years into a very recognisable future, Fauna is an astonishing psychological drama with an incredible twist: What if the child you are carrying is not entirely human?


Using DNA technology, scientists have started to reverse the extinction of creatures like the mammoth and the Tasmanian Tiger. The benefits of this radical approach could be far-reaching. But how far will they go?


Longing for another child, Stacey is recruited by a company who offer massive incentives for her to join an experimental programme called LifeBLOOD. As part of the agreement, she and her husband’s embryo will be blended with ‘edited cells’. Just how edited, Stacey doesn’t really know. Nor does she have any idea how much her longed-for new daughter will change her life and that of her family. Or how hard she will have to fight to protect her.


Fauna is a transformative, lyrical and moving novel about love and motherhood, home and family – and what it means to be human.



My View:

This is faultless writing; engaging, provocative, realistic and emotive.


There is little more I can add except to urge you to read this poignant “what if” narrative.


2 thoughts on “Review: Fauna – Donna Mazza

  1. You know, Carol, I don’t usually go for speculative fiction. Bu when it’s done well, it really can get you thinking about what might happen if… And it sounds as though the characters are done well here – always important for me. Add in the psychological aspect, and I can see how you’d have been drawn in.

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